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This document is an integral part of a set of actions that the Corp News has established regarding data privacy and security, and aims to inform the responsibilities, duties and obligations that every Internet user assumes when accessing, being governed Following conditions:

Definitions: All the people that somehow access, "Corp News" clients or not, are classified as "Internet users". The "users" are all persons who have registered on this web site and have received an individual and exclusive identification (user and password).

Netizens who access are strictly prohibited: Use the Corp News web site for any criminal or illegal purpose; Use the products and / or services available on this web site for purposes other than those for which they are intended; Send or transmit any kind of information that induces, incites or results in discriminatory attitudes, violent or criminal messages that violate morality and good customs and that are contrary to public order; Send or transmit any type of information that is owned by third parties; Change, erase or corrupt third party data and information; Violate the privacy of other users; Sending or transmitting computer virus files with destructive, invasive content or causing permanent or temporary damage to the recipient's equipment, the "Corp News" or the website; Use fake computer, network, or e-mail addresses; Violate the copyright of third parties, through any kind of reproduction of material, without the prior permission of the owner.

User Responsibilities: Be careful with your individual identification data whenever you access the Internet, informing them only in operations where data protection exists; Provide true and proprietary information; Be responsible for any type of information or affirmation originated with your username and password; Keep your user ID (name and password) confidential; Disconnect your account from as soon as you stop accessing it, especially if you share your computer with another person; Comply strictly with all determinations of this Term of Use.

Copyright and Trademark: The intellectual property of all material displayed on is the property of Digicom Net Com. De Informática Ltda., Including programs, databases, images, files or materials from any other And have contractually authorized their placements on this web site. The reproduction of any material of, being understood by reproduction all the possible forms of copying and distribution, is prohibited, without the previous written authorization of the responsible ones identified above. The trademarks displayed on are the property of Digicom Net Com. De Informática Ltda., And the mere presentation of the trademarks on the web site can not be interpreted as a concession, nor is it prohibited to use or any kind of Reproduction of such trademarks. The improper use of intellectual property or trademarks displayed on will be characterized as a violation of copyright laws and / or trademarks and will subject the infringer to appropriate legal actions.

Content of the information published on the site: "Corp News" is not responsible for the content of the messages and information transmitted through the website, nor for any damage that the user suffers from such information, since all information described on this site is the sole responsibility of the Participating companies.

Infringement of the Term of Use of An Internet user who violates this Term of Use will be notified to cease the irregular practice, without prejudice to legal commissions that such irregularities may cause, and the contracted service may be interrupted Until the complete solution of the irregularity, being at the discretion of Digicom Net Com. De Informática Ltda the exclusion of the infringer of its records so that it can no longer use the services offered in the site.

Acceptance of the Terms of Use of The use of the "Corp News" web site characterizes that the user has read, understood and agrees with the conditions set forth in this Term of Use. If the user does not agree with the conditions Provided in said Term, you should not use this web site. Digicom Net Com. De Informática Ltda. May change this term of use at any time. Changes will be served in this space. We request the periodic reading of this Term as a means of being aware of the responsibilities, duties and obligations that the Internet user assumes when using

Any content or service provided by other companies and disclosed in the "Corp News" through advertisements, guidelines, tips or hyperlinks published on this portal can not be changed or distributed, published or used for commercial purposes by any user without prior authorization from Digicom Net Com. De Informática Ltda. Or the advertiser.

DOUBTS AND SUGGESTIONS: If there is any doubt or suggestion about this Term of Use, write to:

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